Western Year Horoscope 2012
 2012 has been a hype for a long time since this is the year the Maya-calendar ends. All sorts of scary scenario's are going around about how the end of time is near.

Don't worry about this at all, people have been telling these stories for centuries now. The end of this particular calendar has to do with an astronomical phenomenon and nothing with an astrological matter.

This annual horoscope will guide you though 2012, and will present you the themes that will be important to you this year. Are you born under the sign of Aries? Then, your sun stands in Aries. Do you know your ascendant sign? If so, read the description of this sign too, as your ascendant is of great influence on your life and character.

The same holds true for the sign in which your moon stands. Don't you know what signs you should look at? Go to My Astro for help and look for Western astrology. The more you know about your personal horoscope, the more precise the predictions can be.

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