Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my own (validation) code, that I validate my sales with later on ?

With the Micropayment products 'Payments Only' you can choose to validate manually. This validation can be done with our pin code as well as with your own validation code.

You are probably already using our Javascript function 'mobilemoneysale', where the page 'salespopup.asp' opens with several parameters in a pop up. Make sure that the validation code is used here, for example by adding 'validationcode=mycode123'.

After walking through the order/payment process this code will eventually be saved with us together with the purchased pin code. Then you can validate your sales by calling the page 'validate.asp'. You can do the following: _ validationcode=mycode123&output=enduserprice

You can also use other 'output' methods & parameters. For an extensive explanation about the 'validate.asp' page, have a look at: (login required)