Frequently Asked Questions

Which possibilities are there when I want to use the MobileMoney system on more then one site?

You can use MobileMoney on more then one website. This can be done in either of two ways:

1. Create an separate account for each website you want to use MobileMoney on. You can link the accounts by using the Master Account option. When you log on to the Master Account, the sales overviews, etc. are are shown for all your accounts combined. Using the Master Account is optional and not required.

The advantage of using a Master Account is that you get a better overview of all sales made on all your accounts. On top of that you would only have to log on to a single account to know where your sales stand. Note however that payments made to you will still be done one account at a time. This means that one of your account does not meet the criteria of 25 Euro sold, no payment will follow for that account, even though all accounts together does total to more the 25 Euro.

2. You can keep on using one account and use the so called 'pos' text to differentiate between your websites. The 'pos' text is an extra parameter you use when calling the mobilemoneysale() routine. i.e.:

[code]javascript:mobilemoneysale(304172, 'Mywebsite2 - ringtones')[/code]

In this way you can make sure that all your websites use a different 'pos' text so you can distinguish between your websites in our statistics. Contrary to the first option you will get paid when the sum of the sales for all your websites reaches 25 or more.