Frequently Asked Questions

What are Micropayments and how do they work?

With Micropayments, you sell your own (digital) products and/ or services by using our payment system. With it, you can sell your products online to a large number of countries, using a variety of payment methods.

There are three types of Micropayments: Email, Downloadlink and Payment Only.

1. Email: Your product will, after payment, be delivered to your customer in an e-mail as a link. You can maintain this download-link and the accompanying text on our website.

2. Downloadlink: The product can be downloaded directly from our sales popup. You add your accompanying text to it.

3. Payment only. The most flexible method to use for letting your customers pay for your products/ services, which you deliver yourself. This method is also very effective for setting up paid access to your websites and payment for specific information.

With micropayments of the ‘Payment only’ type, the end user pays for a pincode which you let us validate or allow the end user to fill in on your website. In the latter, you must take care of the validation of the pincodes against our database yourself. You must use the validate.asp page for this purpose (logging in required).