Frequently Asked Questions

Can search engines find the wizard content on my website ?

When you walk through the wizard, the last page gives you the option "Output script". Here you can choose between the following options:

  • Javascript
  • PHP (version 4 and higher)
  • ASP
  • C# (.NET Framework 2 and higher)
  • VB.NET (.NET Framework 2 and higher)

The option "Javascript" will work on any site and does not require any knowledge of scripting languages. For most people this is the best choice. A disadvantage is that search engines can not find and index the content on your site.

Because of this, you can also choose for one of the 4 other options. All these other options return HTML from within your scripting language which you can place on your site. Search engines like Google will find the wizard content on your site this way and will index it, resulting in more visitors.

You will however need scripting knowledge for this.