SMS Gateway

Technical Documentation

On this page you will find the instructions for using the Premium SMS Gateway. The whole process is simple: The moment we receive a message for your keyword, we will send this information to you via the URL you have provided us with. With this data you can determine what service is requested and then send one or more messages thru our page.

Currently this service is only available in The Netherlands via shortcode 7111.

The main keyword on 7111 is ORDER. The text your customer must send is "ORDER.YOURKEYWORD" or "ORDER.YOURKEYWORD". It is also possible for your customer to send exta text with the keyword, such as "ORDER.NEWS.BARCELONA", where, for example, your customer could subscribe to weekly news on the Spanish city of Barcelona.

Read on below for more information on how this works!


With the keyword you enter a so-called "callback" URL. We will call this when your customer sends a message with this keyword to shortcode 7111.

Incoming Text Messages

We send the data of the messages that came in on shortcode 7111, starting with your (sub) keyword, to the "callback" URL you have provided us with. For this we use the POST method.

An example call:

Outgoing Text Messages

You can send out a paid SMS through our gateway, after an SMS message from a customer has arrived, or when he/she subscribes to, for example, a daily weather report.

An example call:


When you call the page "rbpost.asp" with the matching parameters, the page will give a socalled return code. The meaning of these codes are as follows:

0Request is being processed. *
1Problem with mobile phone number.
5Unknown error.
10Gateway is temporarily unavailable. Order has been placed in queue.
19Error in user name or password.
20Error in operator.
21Error in message text (too long/too short).
22Error in sender.
23Error in tariff.
24Phone number not activated.
29Phone number is on the Blacklist.
33No valid SMS Gateway found.
40Customer wishes not to receive paid text messages
41Monthly maximum exceeded.
42Customer has activated Infofilter (see
43Customer has pending STOP request for this shortcode.
44Phonenumber not in use.

* Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to confirm a correct payment of a Premium SMS message real-time. It may take up to several hours before the corresponding earnings are confirmed and will remain in the statistics for your account.