Explanation Wizard Skins

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In this explanation we will show you step by step how to completely customize the wizard output. You are probably reading this because you are using the extensive wizard of MobileMoney.com.

  1. Download this example: template.js
  2. Save it as template.js
  3. Store the HTML code from the box below as test.html in the same folder:
  4. Open template.js and change something (e.g. border=1 instead of border=0 with the first table)
  5. Save template.js and (re)load your test.html file to see your changes.

    In the next example we will explain to you how we made the following (standard) layout with the Wizard Skin possibilities.

The Chapters:

  1. The desired layout
  2. How does it work
  3. How to start
  4. The Page numbers
  5. The content
  6. The sections
  7. The result
  8. All Placeholders and variables
  9. Tips & Tricks

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