Premium SMS

The branch specific term "Premium SMS" stands for paid text messages, where the receiver* pays for the costs. This is a very popular payment method world wide, also because of how fast and easy it is in use for the consumer.

The concept is simple: the customer first sends a text message to a shortcode (p.e. 7111). The first word ("keyword") determines what service is requested. Depending on the set tariff and type of service, one or more paid messages will be sent to the customer.

This type of service is very suitable for handling onetime payments, subscription services or for example an Text & Win promotion.

* Note: In some countries payments are made by messages that are being sent by the consumer (MO), instead of messages that are being received by them (MT).

How do I use these Premium SMS options?

Our Premium SMS services can be used for many purposes, such as handling onetime payments, a subscription service or for example an SMS & Win promotion. To keep everything simple and clear, we have two types of Paid SMS options:

SMS Simple

Your own subscription service fast, easy and free! Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Check availability and request the desired keyword.
  2. After approval, place promotional text of choice on your website.
  3. Manage your service(s) with the tools below:
    • Keywords (also requesting and checking)
    • Send message
    • Send status
    • Support

Sample text
Send ORDER.WEATHER to 7111 and receive a daily weatherreport (€ 0,70 p.r.m). If you want to unsubscribe send ORDER.WEATHER.OFF to 7111.

SMS Gateway

Do you want to create your personal SMS application? Then use our Premium SMS Gateway. This is a technical method where you are in full control of your SMS service. Every incoming/outgoing message will be handled by you!

The advantage of this service is that you are free to set up any type of SMS service, as long as you respect the "Code of Conduct". From uploading credits, donations, (paid) website access to a subscription service with the daily weather reports!

For more information on how to use the SMS Gateway, please check the Technical Documentation.