Promotion & Marketing

As an entrepeneur there is one very important question to ask: 'How can I generate more revenue?'. The answer to this question can be found in these two factors: visitors and presentation.

Below you can find a few tips to generate as much revenue as possible from your website:

1. Attract more visitors
You can do this by exchanging links with larger websites. A link exchange is a deal where you place a link on your ownite to another website, and that other website will place a link to yoúr website in return.

You can also use avertisement. Advertise at relevant websites to make your name known or use the advertising possibilities of search engines, such as Live Search en Google.

2. Give some thought to the layout of your page
When an customer visits a website for the first time, he will ask himself: 'Is this interesting for me?' This process only takes 5 – 10 seconds and no more than one follow up page. To keep your visitor on your website as long as possible, you must have your products positioned correctly and logically.

3. Provide clarity to your customers
You can give your customers clarity about your products by having a clear product description. MobileMoney™ has created several promo texts for the entire assortment for you to place on your website. So start placing these texts.

4. Keep your customers interested
Unique promotion, leading products and fun offers are great ways to keep your existing customers interested. You can consider a banner campagne for a new game or a special around the holidays.

To help you get started, MobileMoney™ offers you a few banners. These are adjustable in color and text, so you can maintain the unity within your layout. Take a look at our banners?.

MobileMoney™ has also created several specials, which consist of a compilation of the best products with the same theme. Take a look at the complete overview of all the specials.

A third option we offer is sending out newsletters. This method of promotion can be very successful, when used correctly. Make sure your newsletters contain actual news, something fun and unique. Other than that, it is important to pay attention to the frequency, so your newsletter will not be considered as SPAM. Get started with our mailing creator.