Exchange Rates

The outpayments of MobileMoney™ will always be in Euro's. In countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Norway, etc where another currency than the Euro is used, we will convert the outpayment by using an up-to-date currency exchange rate.

An overview of the exchange rates we will use today can be found below. This overview will be updated daily, based on the currency exchange rates until yesterday.

Valuta ISO Exchange Rate
Great Britain Pond GBP 0.8705325
US Dollar USD 1.086295
Australian Dollar AUD 1.4601125
Swiss Franc CHF 1.1017725
Danish Krone DKK 7.6271275
Swedish Krone SEK 10.050125
Norway Krone NOK 9.34144
* Exchange Rates overview compared to Euro dated 29-10-2020

The exchante rates above are based on the buying currency exchange rate of the different currencies compared to the Euro.