About us

MobileMoney™ is a complete solution for the mobile and online entertainment market. We efficiently take care of orders, payments, licenses and distributions. The full process will take place in the style of your own brand according to the 'White Label' concept.


Deloitte Fast 50 - MobileMoney™ on 4th place!
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Besides offering a complete solution for the entertainment market, MobileMoney™ is also unique in service when it comes to Micropayments. This payment system is easy to set up and can be used for many purposes, such as selling physical and digital products, but also making donations and allowing paid access to websites.

We also closely follow current trends on the international market and translate these to unique promotions within our Affiliate system. We use our contacts in the market to provide you with ready-to-use special promotions.

Mission & Vision
As a pioneer in our industry we believe the Internet and the mobile phones to the entertainment platform of the future. To make this vision a reality, we are determined to bring the online and mobile experience of our customers and partners to a whole new level.

MobileMoney™ is part of Techno Design Internet Programming B.V.