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Placing a banner allows you to take advantage of a product's popularity or give a certain section the extra attention you want it to have. The banners below are free to use!

In some of these banners you can adjust the color and the text, so it will blend in with the look and feel of your website. You can also adjust the click URL, so it always redirects the customer to the correct location.

Fill out the fields below and click 'Generate' to generate the code for placing the banner. This code will be shown below the banner and you can copy/paste it to your own page.

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In order to use the Alfred J. Kwak banneron your website, enter the exact location of this content on your website into the Website URL field. To do this, open your website and surf to the wallpapers section. Next select the Alfred J. Kwak category and, when the page is finish loading, copy the entire URL from the addressbar of your browser. Paste this URL (including the parameters) into the Website URL field below en press the Generate button.

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(alleen nodig bij Madonna actie!)

* This option is not available for each banner.

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Madonna RealTone (468x60) Flash
Clicking the banner wil open the sales popup! When you want to make use of another popup skin then Default, please select the skin above and press the Generate button.

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