Site Promotion

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Beside the system that allows you to simply sell products on your own website, there is another way to generate income. With our “Website Promotion” program we are looking for Webmasters who want to link to our Mobile site ''. The great thing about this is that all the purchases done by people coming from your website will be assigned to your MobileMoney™ account. So, you do not have to do anything at all, and you can start directly with selling mobile products!

Start today
There are several possibilities to link to our Mobile Entertainment site, such as banners, buttons, text links and hit lists.

It is so simple: Select the method you wish to use and copy the code to your website. Make sure the images are hosted on your server as well (in the folder "/images"). You can easily do this by right clicking the option "Save as…".

Tip: Replace the text 'position_here' in the html you will get from us. If you replace 'position_here' with what you desire (such as 'home' or 'links') or whatever you like, you will be able to see which ad on your site is most lucrative.